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  • The 70-page Iam Awesome Colouring Book PDF
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Colouring Book PDF


Iam Awesome, Who Are You? Colouring Book PDF

Created and written by author Damon McDonald and beautifully illustrated by Shane Tholen, this is a book about realising that you’re Awesome, becoming your inner Hero and believing in who see in the mirror.

  • The 70-page Iam Awesome Colouring Book PDF aims to offer a full sensory experience to kids while they take in each chapter of the story “Iam Awesome, Who Are You?”.
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  • Note: pencils/textas not included.

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Hours of fun in this PDF which is the full story of ‘Iam Awesome, Who are you?’, Iam’s awesome adventure, that the kids can colour in! Just print and get colouring.