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What is the Iam Awesome Movement?

Are you raising a child and looking for a fun and engaging way to teach them about values and principles? Welcome to the Iam Awesome Movement!

We understand that these important life lessons are the foundation for success, but they can be difficult to teach in a way that is interesting and relevant to your child’s life. That’s why we’ve created the Iam Awesome Movement – to explore values and principles from all different perspectives, and in a way that is both interactive and fun.

In school we get taught lessons to learn to sit a test. Whereas in life we get tested to learn valuable lessons. The Iam Awesome Movement is about inspiring kids to learn to deal with and face adversity by showing them the treasure map that helps them navigate through the tests and challenges life brings our way.

The Call to Adventure

About Us

Salty from Iam Awesome, Who are you?


Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your children important life lessons?

“Iam Awesome, Who are you?” is the ultimate treasure map for your kids to learn courage and confidence. Through the power of storytelling, your children will learn about becoming courageous and extraordinary and the steps they can take to make it happen. By following the clues in the poetry, they’ll be inspired by the mentor to continue moving forward on their journey into the unknown. They’ll learn to overcome fear and doubt to become their own hero by believing in themselves and only then can they return with the knowledge and experience of the journey to become the mentor themselves.

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About The Author

Damon McDonald

A motorbike adventurer and former documentary filmmaker, Damon is the perfect guide for young readers who want to explore the world around them. His passion for stories and the power of myth and legend shapes the message of the book, which aims to inspire children to reach their full potential and create the life they dream of.

Damon McDonald’s own journey of self-discovery led him to understand the 12 stages of the hero’s journey, which he outlines in the book. By following these steps, children can transform from ordinary to extraordinary and become their own hero. Damon’s message is all about believing in oneself and learning to see the potential within.

Author, Damon McDonald

Keynote Speaker

Damon McDonald in Cambodia

Damon is not your average speaker. He has a truly unique and inspiring story to tell, one that will leave your audience in awe and feeling motivated to achieve their own dreams.

Damon’s journey began when he was a young child, watching adventure travel shows on TV and dreaming of becoming one of the heroes he saw on screen. As an adult, he lived on his motorbike for six years, listening to other people’s stories and creating his own. But it wasn’t until a life-changing trip to Cambodia that Damon truly discovered his passion for inspiring others.

In Cambodia, Damon had a heart attack while struggling with being rock bottom. The experience was both terrifying and eye-opening, as he realized the power of love and support during a crisis. Damon got to read the obituaries of someone he knew, who had a heart attack on the same day he had his. From that moment on, Damon was inspired to help others believe in themselves and see their own worth.

Our mission

To ignite self – discovery through the power of storytelling

We believe that storytelling is a powerful tool that can help kids explore who they are, develop empathy for others, and learn about different cultures and perspectives through self-authoring. By providing kids with access to tools and the treasure map to life, we can help them discover their passions, strength and purpose. 

Iam Awesome Movement
Iam Awesome, Who are you?

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